Meet Eugene Abeyta, Founder

Eugene Abeyta is the founder of Insured Portfolios in Albuquerque. Mr. Abeyta has over 25 years experience in the annuity insurance services industry.  Mr. Abeyta’s vision is to be a trusted partner with the needs of each client.

Mr. Abeyta's success is founded on shared values, quality service, and mutual trust. It is Mr. Abeyta’s goal to create the best experience possible with the intention to work in harmony with each company represented as a licensed professional.

Mr. Abeyta is also an advocate for fixed annuities and educates the public, as well as regulators and legislators, about the benefits fixed annuities have for those in or planning for retirement. Whether someone needs income today or in the future, fixed annuities are the only product that guarantees consumers will not outlive their savings. The reason why Mr. Abeyta founded Insured Portfolios.

Mr. Abeyta is quoted, “I encapsulate the truth about your investments and life insurance. I generate the building blocks, ABC, one two three, to help you create wealth. A lasting wealth you can never outlive so you have the freedom and income to give back to the world.” Mr. Abeyta creates peace of mind for each client seeking to fund a proper retirement.

Meet Britney Wills, CEO

Britney Wills is the CEO of Insured Portfolios.  She oversees all aspects of the company which provides alternative investment vehicles for conservative investors and industry. Ms. Wills supports the direction and vision for each client’s success.

Prior to Insured Portfolios, Ms. Wills gained more than 20 years experience in the insurance and financial services industry through positions with various companies through out New Mexico. Ms. Wills has managed client portfolios and is dedicated to transforming the insurance industry.

Ms. Wills operational know-how and business acumen serves each client’s desire to increase their portfolios value and preserve wealth. In fact Ms. Will's work is so extraordinary she has transformed many conservative investors portfolios to truly out perform their ban by safeguarding their retirement.

In addition to her dedicated experience in the insurance and financial services industry, Ms. Wills has become an influential leader in New Mexico by providing insurance services for multi-million dollar clients who require diverse qualification. Ms. Wills is a breath of fresh air for clients who expect honesty, integrity, and most importantly consistency.