Meet Eugene Abeyta

Eugene Abeyta is the founder and owner of Insured Portfolios in Albuquerque. Mr. Abeyta has over 25 years experience in the annuity insurance services industry.  Mr. Abeyta’s vision is to be a trusted partner with the needs of each client.

Mr. Abeyta oversees all aspects of the company which provides alternative investment vehicles to affluent conservative investors. Mr. Abeyta supports the direction and vision for each client’s success. Mr. Abeyta's success is founded on shared values, quality service, and mutual trust.

 It is Mr. Abeyta’s goal to create the best experience possible with the intention to work in harmony with each company represented as a licensed professional.

Mr. Abeyta’s operational know-how and business acumen serves each client’s desire buy guaranteed income and safeguard their retirement. Mr. Abeyta is a breath of fresh air for clients who expect honesty, integrity, and most importantly consistency.