Who could benefit from a meeting? 

  •  Anyone who would like to protect their principal from Stock Market declines.
  •  Anyone who wants to learn how to save their principal from being taxed.
  •  Anyone who wants a reasonable rate of return on their money, over time.
  •  Anyone who would like to discuss their current financial situation.

I already have a financial professional. Why do I need to meet with an agent from Insured Portfolios?

  • A large percent of the people who come to visit us already own financial products or working with a financial professional. In fact, many financial professionals use are services because were licensed to sell fixed indexed annuities and are very good at what we do. 
  • This is not about trying to steal you away from any financial professional; this is about teaching people to learn about alternative financial choices where they can put their money and feel good about their financial strategies focusing on financial vehicles that can provide protection to their principal from Market declines.
  •  This is a no-obligation meeting and or analysis, no matter how long each meeting takes.

What are Insured Portfolios credentials and background?

  • Each of our agents are insurance licensed with the State of New Mexico, bonded with Errors and Omissions insurance, and are highly skilled in fixed indexed annuities.
  • Insured Portfolios is simply a lead generating marketing company which educates the public about fixed indexed annuties and assigns licensed agents to meet each clients particular need.
  • Each licensed agents represents A-rated insurance companies. For example, Athene, U.S. Allianz, Great American, and many others. 

Why is Insured Portfolios such a good company to work with?

  • This is our niche, and this is all we do. We do it every day, and we do it well. We sell fixed indexed annuities. Thousands of New Mexicans have made the switch to work with us and own an alternative financial product outside of wall-street.

How do I schedule a time to meet with an agent from insured portfolios?

  • You may schedule a time to meet up with an agent by completing the contact form by clicking the Schedule menu item above. 
  • You may also call our offices at 505-750-4363 and schedule a no-obligation meeting.
  • If you happen to call and get our voice mail, please leave a detailed message and one of our licensed agents will call you right back. 
  • You may also send us a voice message to us instantly by clicking the Record button here.
  • This is an absolutely no-obligation meeting. You may be told that our products are not suitable for your financial situation. There may be no changes for you to make. And if one of our agents suggest otherwise you will have no obligation to do anything.
  • At our first meeting our agents determine if a fixed indexed annuity is suitable for your financial situation or may be a possible alternative to what you currently have now.

What should I bring to the face-to-face meeting?

  • This is your personal decision. Most bring a recent copy of any financial document that helps explain your current financial situation.
  •  Any information relating to any specific concern you have.
  •  A list of questions you may have or topics you would want to discuss.

What will happen in the face-to-face meeting?

  • An agent from Insured Portfolios will analyze your current situation by talking with you and asking specific questions directly related to your finances; the agent will then be able to understand your needs and ascertain your financial goals.
  • The first meeting is a  fact a fact-finding mission to try to determine what is right for you.
  • The agent may not recommend changes or adjustments in your current financial strategy.

What is the charge for the initial meeting and subsequent meetings?

  • Insured Portfolios agents never charge you for any meeting you have with us.

Where is Insured Portfolios located?

  • Our main office is located in Nob Hill, Albuquerque New Mexico. 3712 Central Ave SE, Suite D, Albuquerque, NM 87108.
  • We are a network and team of financial professionals, insurance agents all across the State of New Mexico, but primarily work out of Albuquerque.

What are your office hours?

  •  We prefer to see our clients by appointment only, so please call us to schedule an appointment. (This means our agents will be able to meet with you during the weekend)