A Retirement Bucket that cannot be Depleted?

Think your retirement as a one lump sum of money in a bucket. This bucket of money can be spent, can be lost, or even be delpeted of money. Who knows what the future holds? You would certainly agree and know your retirement bucket is very valuable. Do you agree?

Owning an annuity guarantees you will receive a payment out of that bucket regardless of whether the bucket has lost value or no longer has funds. How does this happen? How does this work? It is simple. It is a contractual guarantee. The insurance company guarantees and is required by law to make you a payment. The insurance company guarantees and insures the retirement bucket so to speak. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. You have peace of mind your retirement is covered.

The insurance company simply takes the lump sum of money that is in your retirement bucket and guarantees a certain payment over time for as long as you live. There is nothing complicated as there are few moving parts in a fixed indexed annuity. That is why when you own an annuity you cannot outlive your retirement savings. 

Think about that living benefit an annuity provides! You have your entire savings now in a 401K, in stocks, or mutual funds. So many different types of risks can permanently destroy your planned retirement bucket. These types of risk include but are not limited to: financial risk, market risk, economic down turns, recession, interest rate risk, purchasing power risk, etc.  All these risks are transferred to the insurance company. That is what insurance is for, to eliminate risk. That is why annuties are so great! 

You have insurance on everything else; your vehicle, your home, your life, how about your retirement? Have you insured your retirement today with an annuity from Insured Portfolios? We love what we do, that what makes us your best choice in New Mexico.

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