Why not Insure your Savings?

Do you have peace of mind that you will not outlive your retirement savings? What are you going to do when you are elderly, frail and sick? Go work for 40 hours a week so you can make ends meat? Come on! You are eventually going to run out of your savings if you do not plan or have an company to insure you will receive a pay check every month. Who do you know that is retired and struggles financially? Is that struggle going to be you? The financial situation can all change if you plan right.

Think for a minute. Will you outlive the amount of money you saved?  We ask this question twice for a reason. To force you to consider your situation. Consider your retirement goals, where you are at, and where you need to be. You have to plan for the future  to maintain the same standard of living you are acustomed to now. Plan with an annuity. Get with one of our agents to assist you. You don't know everything.

Why struggle hoping the stock-market or bank will provide you a rate of return to survive. Do you think your banker or broker cares about you? Were you invited to their Christmas party?

Solidify your retirement with a contract that has guarantees, backed by strong financial insurance companies. Why not insure your savings? The ultra rich have been insuring their savings accounts for years. This why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Go to our 'About' section and watch the Ed Slott video who is a tax advisor. Our product is a contract backed by A-rated insurance companies and the New Mexico Life Insurance Guaranty Association. Doesn't it make sense?