Shoud I Own a Contract that GUARANTEES income for life?

Retirement security is all about income. Do you trust your retirement to stock market gains and losses? Most New Mexican's cannot afford to loose any of their retirement portfolio. Most cannot afford to witness the declination of the value of their portfolio based on a whim the stock market will eventually correct its self.

Owning a secure contract is an alternative to CD's, mutual funds, stocks, and 401ks. Hundreds of New Mexico retirees have made the switch to rollover their retirement investment to an insured portfolio. Why not you? Consider contacting one of our agents as a wise choice.

Annuties have become increasingly popular since 2008 because of their high interest rate guarantees, and living benefits of tax deferred growth, and options which can be customized to fit your financial goals and suitablity requirements. The contract will guarantee income for life. Is having consistent monthly income important to you when you retire? Are you planning on outliving your savings?  Consider owning an annuity to eliminate such risk.