Doesn't it make sense? Insurance Eliminates Risk!

Our product is a contract between you and an A-rated insurance company. You deal in contracts every day. You have a contract with an insurance company to insure your house. You have a contract with an insurance company to insure your vehcile. You have a contract with your insurance company to insure your life or even if you become disabled? How about your retirement? Can you say your retirement is insured?

The annuity insurance contract gurantees you have income when you need it. The contract eliminates investments risk. It just that simple. Why do you worry? Why do you stress about investments in these volitale times. This is what insurance is for, to eliminate risk.

Insure your retirement portfolio. Don't be decieved in thinking you are going to make it big in the stock market. A stock market crash can come as quick as a Tsunami. Or simply by world events. Hundreds in Albuquerque have made the switch and now own an annuity. Why are you risking your hard earned savings and investments? Let us help you explore this alternative option. It is a sensible and may be a right option for you.  You will be amazed. We are licensed agents here in New Mexico ready to assist you. Call us at 505-750-4363 to schedule an appointment.

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