Can you say that about your retirement savings Albuquerque?

There is no product in the world that can remove longevity risk like a guaranteed lifetime income annuity. Longevity risk? What is longevity risk? Longevity risk is the risk that an individual will outlive his or her retirement savings.  For example, if one's retirement consists of personal savings, the possibility exists that the money will run out before one dies. Do you know any senior citizens who are struggling and financially suffering because they have outlived their retirement savings? 

One may mitigate longevity risk in a number of ways. For example, one may purchase investment vehicles such as a lifetime annuity, which guarantees payments for the remainder of one's life, or longevity insurance, which provides a lump sum benefit if one lives to a certain age. Are these products part of your financial plan? Why don’t you own an annuity? Owning an annuity equals security.

Owning an annuity should definitely be part of your financial plan. Why? People that are retired who receive guaranteed lifetime income are happier. What senior citizen doesn’t like getting a guaranteed check in the mail every month. This gives reason to the fact that not all annuities are bad. You will never hear anything negative in the media about individual income annuities. Why? Most people own a type of fixed income annuity and don’t even know it.

Social Security is a guaranteed lifetime income annuity. A pension from your employer is a guaranteed lifetime income annuity. A pension from the military is also a guaranteed lifetime income annuity. Are you a teacher or public employee in New Mexico? Guess what, you are contributing to annuity!! What do you think the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) is? That’s right an agency which manages a guaranteed lifetime annuity for all employees. A pension. Do you get the picture?

So when your banker or financial advisor states, “I don’t like annuities.”, they may not have considered the entire picture. Fundamentally fixed indexed income annuities essentially purchase future income at a low cost. The insurance company guarantees payments of income for the remainder of one's life even if the one outlives his or her retirement savings. Can you say that about your exsisting retirement savings? What are you going to do? Rollover your old 401k Albuquerque.

This is reason why you need to insure your retirement with a guaranteed lifetime income annuity at Insured Portfolios. Our agents are ready to help you design and allocate at least a portion of your retirement savings via an annuity for a proper retirement which guarantees income. Retired individuals who receive paychecks every month for life are the most happiest people on planet earth. It’s the truth. Call us at 505-750-4343 to schedule an appointment.